i don’t give a shit WHERE lebron james plays basketball.

I can’t even believe I am devoting precious keyboard strokes to even discuss the spectacle that is lebron james.  I am so disgusted with him I’m not even going to capitalize his name.   Okay, maybe I’m being a little too hard on the guy… it’s not his fault he’s the newest Brittany Spears of the sports world.

Last year I had equal disgust for Brett Favre [pronounced favor, not farve.  anyone with half a brain can see that there’s no way in hell farve can phonetically be derived from Favre.  see how the v comes before the r.  whatever genius. i don’t care how hot you are for an old guy- phonetics are phonetics.]

I mean, why do they feel the need to drag out their oh so important decisions of where they are going to play with their balls for weeks on end?  They know WHERE before they even start talking about  it.  They are going to the place where the most money is being thrown at them.  Have you ever heard of strippers holding press conferences as to  which pole they’re going to gyrate on?  I’m pretty sure whoever’s making it rain the hardest is going to get the lap dance.*  Is the world of professional sports any different?  I’m thinking not.  So why the hell do they get so much attention?

Here’s my ultimate problem… I am a woman that is marginally interested in sports and married to a man that is obsessed with them.  Do you understand what that means for me?  If his brothers, dad, friends,  fellow card-carrying testosterone junkies are not handy, I have to hear about the ins and outs of whatever latest sports related soap opera is on satellite radio.  As much as I like to sit and veg to a football game on a dreary fall day,  I don’t want to hear about the rest of their crappy lives.  They are overpaid drama queens that care more about the money than their talent.

*Don’t ask me how I  know so much about strippers.  I saw it on an episode of Made or something.   OK?!


7 thoughts on “i don’t give a shit WHERE lebron james plays basketball.

  1. Cleaning and listening to music when a pop song of some sort came on with the chorus
    “Girl your so dangerous, so dangerous, girl you are so dangerous” when who should pop into my head head????????uhelm, umm, um………you ;.}

    I like your blogs sista

  2. I’m hoisting a beer that is so big its difficult to hoist to my lips. It is following a double glenlivet on the rocks though. Your posts are even better this way, you might want to tell your readers. Just sayin.

  3. Btw, I thought making it rain was when black guys threw hundred dollar bills all over the set for a rap video – am I misinformed. Whose job is it to clean up that money anyway? Ill bet you dollars to doughnuts said blackman is hastily scooping up said hundies as soon as he hears the word, “cut”.

  4. I think makin it rain is anytime money is showered over gyrating women. And yes, said man probably rushes to pick up the money… and has to fight said stripper type woman for the money. My bet’s on the crack whore.

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