dude, they even park the u-haul on the lawn… the photo-journalist edition

I know you’ve been wondering what the heck’s going on in the neighborhood.  Shortly after my look what the u-haul done drug in post, my new neighbors-to-be decided to postpone their move-in date.  Rumor has it, the house smelled so strongly of urine they told the landlords they would not move in until it was taken care of.  You know it had to be bad, people.   These are the same folks that transplanted weeds into their yard.

Since it’s my duty to be the Gladys Kravitz* of the neighborhood, I’ve been keeping an eye on things.

In the past week and a half, work crews have come in to clean the house,  paint the interior and sanitize the carpets twice. And this is just while I’ve been watching. Did the landlord not meet these people?  Does she not realize what a colossal waste of resources this is?  These people are obviously going to get piss drunk and urinate on the living room rug at the house-warming party.

(I’m bringing Home Interiors butterflies circa 1979 that I found at the Goodwill and my infamous pigs in a blanket.  Dude, you know that shit will be a hit!)

I’m almost positive this is my neighbor caught on film a while back at our local Agriculture Parade.

Imagine my joy, nay exuberance, when I saw the u-haul return this afternoon.  “Writer’s Block Officially Cured!  Yahoo!!!” And then it got better.  This happened.

I know it’s a bit hard to see folks, but that there u-haul  is parked right smack on the front lawn.  At one point, the ramp from said u-haul went all the way in the front door.  There’s just something to be said for working smart.  {Does anyone else notice even the rented u-haul looks ghetto?  Just me?}

My evening consisted of sitting in my easy chair and watching this guy grunt in an array of yard sale furniture.  The highlight; however, came when the Boxer, aka Jake, decided to take a stroll across the lawn.  Mr.  Good Ol’ Boy unleashed an arsenal of insults at poor Jake and ended it all by knocking the shit out of him… right on the front lawn. Dude, we civilized folk wait till we’re indoors to beat our dogs.

The Bitch-Lady must not have seen him because the cops didn’t show up.  Maybe she went straight to the ASPCA though.  Only time will tell.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

*Gladys was the bat-shit crazy neighbor on Bewitched that I aspire to be.


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