even my kids are brilliant

A good friend of mine recently started a site for moms and dads to share the entertaining quips about our kids or those nutty little things only they can come up with, and it’s awesome! The site is called ToddleToots and is as adorable as the stories they feature.  I especially love their section on Fridays called Friday Flashbacks. It’s a great place for moms of a little older kids to share some of our favorite memories.

The site recently asked its community to ask our kids what their new year’s goals are and share them with one another.  I thought this was a fabulous idea!  Especially since I’m such a fan of the new year’s shennanigans myself, and I thought for sure my kids would come up with something fabulous!  Even though I was expecting silly and crazy, they came up with some surprisingly brilliant ideas.

In case you haven’t been keeping track, my little darlings are seven and five.  They are not darlings.  They are usually life-sucking plankton that are out to kill me.  I still love them.  So, I started out by explaining what goals are and why it’s important to set them, blah blah blah.  The Little Miss (7) quickly told me this was way too much like school, too hard for her to understand and she needed to get back to organizing her JustinBieberathon of posters and books she got for Christmas.  (I don’t make this stuff up.)   I asked her to stick around and listen to her brother’s to see if maybe it helped her think of anything.

My Little Man (5) quickly said “I want to be nice and not grumpy and earn mostly smiley faces on my calendar so I can get rewards.  Then I want to have some peace and quiet and then maybe go sledding a lot.  Is this how it works Momma?”  (If you know this child you now understand why the Apocalypse is upon us.)

The Little Miss then decided to play along (probably since I was on the floor passed out from the shock of my Little Man’s adorably thoughtful response.)  “I want to throw a big party so everyone knows how much they are my friend.  Then I want to start doing more nice things for other people – and not just worry about myself.   I’ll start by shoveling snow for people  who can’t do it themselves.  Then I’ll think of more things.  Maybe I’ll start making cards and sending them to people to tell them I’m thinking about them and hope they are doing good.  Oh- and I wouldn’t mind getting some new shoes.”  (That’s my girl!)

Thanks  ToddleToots for inspiring such a fun and thoughtful time with my kiddos!



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