i’ve been declared governor! oh wait, that says governess. crap.

A friend of mine, bitchin’ rock start photographer Daniel Jay, begged to shoot me for a suuuper important assignment that will  free the world and Martians alike.  {at least that’s how Charlie Sheen would put it.  translation: A bitchin’ rock star photographer friend was looking for people to shoot for a project and I begged him to let me be one of the lucky ones.  whatever.  it’s practically the same thing.}   Anyway… if you want to see a shot of me “on the job” you should go here and check it out.  And you most definitely should poke around his blog for a bit because… I said so.  {And it rawks!}

{A little note here, my photo is positioned in between a bartender and a trophy maker.  These are my two dream jobs!  Weird twist of fate?  YES!}

So as I was mentally preparing myself for this,  my chance at being a world famous super model governess, I  slipped into a  crazy place.  One where I was interviewing myself about how it feels to be a daycare provider and what made me decide to do this and just all sorts of Sheenesque delusions of grandeur crazy town behavior.  And then I realized that this dude was coming to take my pic and NOT to interview me for an expose on glorified babysitters.  Damn.

Clearly, I need to come up with a profession that actually warrants interviews and me being in the spotlight.  While caring for children is one of the most important and gratifying {as well as challenging, of course} jobs in the world, it’s not one that will really put you on the cover of a magazine.

I’m off to brainstorm my plan of action.


2 thoughts on “i’ve been declared governor! oh wait, that says governess. crap.

  1. It is interesting that you say, “it’s not one that will really put you on the cover of a magazine”. I started my blog, both of them, as a creative way of expressing something that I feel is worth some thought. Of course, opinions differ, but as word of mouth goes – where interest is found, interest is shared.

    The photos are my way of showing the world what everyone else does to survive. Each and every job is important. Even my last job before returning to acquire my degree proved this; my boss, a softy of a warm-hearted Foreman reassured me one day (during which I was super-hot at my fellow employees for their lack of drive), “Laddy, there’s a job out there for everyone.” So true – it takes only a moment with you and Jim to notice how lucky those kids are to be in the hands of such caring folks.

    It is my experience that most of what makes the covers of magazines (and newspapers and televisions) are largely irrelevant to most anything or anyone. If that were to be corrected however, and those who really impact the working world were shared and revered alike, you both would make the cover – and I would be happy to shoot it.

    Thanks for letting me impart on your day – I loved it.

    • Psh- I’d way rather be on your site than a magazine cover! And thanks for the generous compliments!

      {and yes, if you’re wondering, I did totally change my previous comment. I’m just a bit of the bat-shit variety today. [crazy that is]}

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