why i blocked my hubby from my twitter

First of all, no that is not a euphemism for something more interesting. Today I blocked the hubbs from reading my twitter posts. Now, before you get your panties all twisted just hear me out.

I’m not trolling for men or posting pics of my boobs. I’m not selling his sperm or my body to strangers. I mean, if there was a market for it I might; times are tough.

I blocked him because he’s a freaking girl!

Things have been a little stressful around here. The hubbs has been interviewing for jobs, we’ve been facing the possibility of him having to live out of town in an apartment for half the month with his current job, and you know, things wear on a person.

Sometimes a girl just needs to vent. Nobody has done anything wrong, but if I want to bitch about it then you know, maybe I can do it to people who really don’t give a shit and spare the ones already stressed {and sick of hearing me bitch.} Right? Right.

So yesterday he got stuck out of town for an extra day and I was bummed. It wasn’t his fault so it made no sense for me to tell him I was pissed. So I told the twitter- saving him the headache.

Well hell, as soon as I talked to him today he was bitchy and whiny and all “I had to read you wanted me to come home on TWITTER? You couldn’t just tell me?”

“Well DUH fuckwad. Of course I wanted you to come home. Moron.”

So- I’m blocking him. So that I can bitch about him and his dumbass schedule whenever I want. And if he bitches about this I’ll find a way to block him from my blog too. Yep- I’m goin all mob wives up in here.

Why am I airing my dirty laundry to you? Because I want you to make sure and tell my hubbs if you see me selling pics of my boobs over on twitter. Natch.

{please don’t be all “ohmygod you’re totally ruining your marriage” to me. I’m sure I’ll change my mind anyway. Mmkay?}


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