there’s no place like home

Remember, about a halfmillion years ago if you’re me, Sunday School? When I was a wee one I was Baptist. In the South. You have to be something in the Bible Belt and you damn sure have to go to Sunday School. So I guess we were Baptist because that’s what my grandparents were. And we damn sure did go to Sunday School.

The only thing I remember is Bible drills and the sweaty palms holding hands around the prayer circles. When it was time to sit around the circle and share prayer requests there were always a few kids with “unspoken” requests. Rather than voicing something like “a new pony” or “an end to world hunger” the child would simply say “unspoken.”

Later in life (ummm, 5 minutes ago) I would ponder those “unspoken” prayer requests and decide the unspokens were *spoken* either by the children of heathens who had no idea what the heck a prayer request really was, or by those who didn’t want to speak about praying to God that their pervy so and so would stop chasing them around the house with a fireplace poker. (I may or may not fall into both of those categories.)

Every once in a while when something big comes along and you’re hoping against hope that karma or the Big Guy comes through, but you’re not ready to spill all the beans about it yet, you throw out an “unspoken” to those around you that give a shit.

I did that a few weeks ago on my facebook and holy shitballs people, it all came through in aces! (I think I just became British {or Australian?} there?)

After four years of being away from our family and the place we consider home for hubb’s work, we get to go back to the Emerald City and are feeling pretty freaking awesome about it. (except for the pesky problem of moving away from some of the best friends EVER!)

So thanks for those that sent out the good vibrations. And here’s to those of you with your own unspokens that are hoping against hope. Or whatever. May the wizard grant you your courage and a smokin hot pair of ruby slippers.


2 thoughts on “there’s no place like home

  1. “unspokens” – brings back such memories!! i went to a private christian school and that was said a lot. pretty sure it was because people either had some juicy stuff going on in their lives and they couldn’t say, or they didn’t give a rats ass about prayer but didn’t want to look bad to the teacher so they came up with “unspoken”!!

    i am so happy for your fam getting to return to seattle. it is your home and you finally are going back – yeah!!!

  2. That is so awesome! I really believe in the power of prayer. My husband believes I have Jesus’ ear. I pray for everything… not to run out of gas, not to get in trouble, for money, for my family… you name it. Prayer works. I like this unspoken concept.

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