you don’t want to read this…there’s no freaking point to it. except for me to bitch. duh.

SO much has happened since I last blogged I don’t even know how to catch you up.  Here’s the high points:

Hubby got a new job which just happened to be in the town we are from and enabled us to move back to the place where most family is.  It’s super awesome.

My baby boy broke his femur, gave me a damn heart attack and is now a huge pain in the butt.

We moved, to our hometown, but not our own home as we are now searching for the perfect place… while we stay at my in-law’s.  I will make no comments about this except that I am eternally grateful for a loving place to stay while we search and while the little man’s leg continues to heal.  We are all a pain in the ass I’m sure.

Given the new job, I no longer have to work- no more daycare for me or anything else in the near future for that matter.

Okay, that about catches you up.  Whew.

All that leads to one thing today… I am having an identity crisis.  I may be a touch hormonal.  And I am just a hot mess of emotions and grumpiness all rolled into one.  Oh- and my hub’s paychecks are somewhere in the oblivion of “mail changeover” which is so totally awesome because that makes us one step above destitute till the goddamned USPS gets their head out of their asses and delivers my money.  So there’s that.

I know, there’s no point to this.  There’s just bitching.  And whining.  And being as annoying to you as my ratbag family is being to me right now.
So… uhhhh… you’re welcome.


In other news, have you been invited to google+ yet?  I’m kind of loving it.  But I only have like 5 people in my circles.  Who wants an invite so you can be part of the cool club?  You can email me your email address if you want to be in my circles (and yes, putting me in one of your circles is required.  asshole.) 😉   send it to improperlyforward AT gmail DOT com.  All the cool kids are doing it dammit.



3 thoughts on “you don’t want to read this…there’s no freaking point to it. except for me to bitch. duh.

  1. Congrats on the new lifestyle…sounds like just what you had been wanting and needing. Although, I am sad there won’t be continued updates regarding the white trash neighbors. Does this mean you have to sort trash again?!

    And, please…do NOT invite me to Google+. I dumped facebook several months ago and it has been truly awesome and liberating. I love not knowing what ignorant pricks the people I associate with are.

  2. Thanks Hunter! (or should I call you Hunner?) Don’t you worry one bit. I will definitely find new trash to comment on. I have a knack for moving into the most ridiculous neighborhoods that look quiet and unassuming from the curb but are fucking nuts past the mailbox! Besides, I have a whole cache of stories I was too scared to tell at the old place. If those people would have found my blog I would have had dead cat heads on spears in my lawn. yah.

    Not to worry- you’re on the safe list for my goog+ I think it’s only cool right now because none of the people who bug the shit out of me have received a pass yet. As soon as those people are allowed in I’m running for the hills.

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