the passing of the torch

The hubs was flipping channels earlier and landed on Top Gun.  I was finishing up dinner and the kids were just wandering around.

Approximately 30 seconds into the movie, Elle was mesmerized.  It was the TV version so I wasn’t too concerned, but I was keeping an eye out for all the good inappropriate parts just in case (lest you think I’m a really bad mother.)  After dinner we were watching and the Volleyball Scene came on.  I flippantly commented “this is my favorite part.”  Since I’m such a volleyball fan I thought she’d just dismiss it, but she chimed right in.

“I love how you can see all their muscles and their six packs, Mom.”

God I love bonding with my girl.


(I won’t even start about how much I hate Tom Cruise now.  I just pretend that was some other guy.)


8 thoughts on “the passing of the torch

  1. OMG I remember watching this in the sixth grade with Annalee and again with you in the 8th grade. It was the time of our lives when we would automatically whisper when we talked about guys and their dreamy muscles. Memories!!

  2. I’m the only person on the planet who still thinks Tom Cruise is the fucking boss. I kinda feel like most people who ‘worship’ any ‘invisible dude’ all sorta fall into the same boat– so I don’t really mind that he worships Xanadu or whoever the fuck he’s busy worshipping. It don’t make no nevermind to me, and honestly– he’s still a great actor. 🙂

    • His Xanadu worship doesn’t really bother me. I freaking love Olivia Newton John so I totally get it.
      He was all “post-partum blah blah blah” when I was in the middle of a year long PPD hell and petty and stupid as it may be, I decided to just blame him. It’s SO much easier to blame him.
      He IS still a good actor. And easy on the eyes (though not volleyball Tom, he us still pretty.) Makes me hate him all the more. 😉

  3. TC is still hot. You can say it out loud. I mean, honestly. He’s like 105 years old. Hot. AAAAAAAAAAND MI:4 is coming out soon, which will make me TOTALLY excited like a freaking stalkerish lunatic.

    Also, I have this really inexplicable desire to watch Xanadu. Wasn’t that a roller skating movie? I can’t really remember, but I swear to god it contained some shit like leg warmers, roller skates and sweatbands.

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