hi my name is keli, and i’m addicted to emoticons.

You know when you’re in therapy, and they ask you if you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? (Wait, is that therapy or junior high? whatever.)  I’ve decided my answer would be my use of emoticons all the freaking time!  What is wrong with me?

Whenever someone comments on my blog  or on facebook and even twitter, I always want to put a little smiley or wink somewhere in the mix.  Sometimes I like to do two or even three.  I always give my sister a hard time for her incessant LOLing and how much that makes me crazy, but I recently realized my emoting is even worse.  Well, maybe just equally bad.

I know why I do it.  I do.  It’s because I’m such a snarky and sarcastic bitch.  I like people to know that the snark is all in fun and *wink, wink* I totally still like you.  A wink totally makes up for the snark, right?

I don’t totally want to smack myself in the face when it’s just a colon and parenthesis showing up like this.   : )  I mean, it’s annoying, but not make you want to smash your head into the table annoying.  The thing I REALLY hate is when the comments on my blog turn it into an actual goofy little smiley guy 🙂  That just makes me nuts.  And I don’t know how to turn it off or I would.  Actually, I probably wouldn’t.  Because I want to give myself a reason NOT TO DO IT.

Do they make a program for this? Because I think it’s gonna take all 12 steps.

In other news, I bought myself some dear foam slippers from Costco on Saturday and I never want to take them off.  EVER.  It’s like walking on a cloud of happy. 😉


2 thoughts on “hi my name is keli, and i’m addicted to emoticons.

  1. I’ve learned that emoticons can help soften the snark when used sparingly. I’m told that my “writing style” (i.e. snarkybitch) can sometimes be misconstrued as angry … so I’ll sometimes insert a little smiley to let the world in on the snark.

    A cloud of happy sounds like a great place to be!

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