i like facebook and hubs said i looked like a twilight character. random? says you.

I made an off-hand comment on my personal facebook the other day about how my hair is falling out in clumps. I wasn’t even exaggerating. If things continue down this road, Imma need some Rogaine. Stat. Anyway, my sister told me it was probably hormones, and I agreed because that’s what I usually blame everything on (I do actually have wonky hormones.) Then someone else said to have my thyroid checked. So, I did what every other internet addicted person would do and googled the shit out of thyroid problems.

When I took a quiz with all the possible symptoms of hypothyroidism (or one of those, I can’t even remember right now) let’s just say my shit was off the charts. And while I really could do without another life-long disease of some sort to manage, I am kind of relieved that there is possibly an answer to some of the things that bother me most about myself/my health. I won’t hold my breath that some doctor is going to give me the magic answer, because let’s face it, you know how I feel about the medical profession as a whole. No? I think they suck.

Why should I, someone that has not gone to medical school, someone that does not have the super awesome quality of having people call me “Dr.” on a daily basis, and someone that does not get paid, well… anything, why should I have to come up with my own diagnosis, prognosis, and any other osis and then have to convince you that it’s true? Isn’t that why you became a doctor in the first place, to you know, HELP people? Whatever.

Sorry. I had a moment.

Anyway, I took a triple dose of my vitamins and what not the past couple of days (with the okay of a doc that I trust so don’t freak out) and Jimmie told me that I didn’t look like a character off of Twilight for the first time in quite a while. He’s so romantic and sensitive. And just awesome on so many levels.

And then today I took nearly a five hour nap.

You guys, the verdict is in. I’m totally dying. Okay, whatever.

Speaking of Facebook, I know, there are so many haters, blah blah blah whatever. I know it sucks, but everyone I know is on there and I have a lot of good conversations on there. Here’s the key to Facebook. Don’t be friends with people who aren’t actually your friends or who you don’t want in your business. Don’t be friends with people that annoy you and post random shit about things you don’t care about. Either delete them, hide them, or restrict your page so that they are your friend but can’t see anything on your page. God.

I know this should have been about three different posts, or better yet, none at all. But I don’t care. I’m all hopped up on multi-vitamins and Iron. Suck it. 🙂


2 thoughts on “i like facebook and hubs said i looked like a twilight character. random? says you.

  1. Hurray for you! A “self diagnosis” is better than no diagnosis at all! You’re on the right track, baby!

    I don’t know what I’d do if a neighbor so blatently ignored me. I’ve been known to accept a “friend request” only to delete the person several days later. Is that bad?

  2. That is exactly what I do! I figure I can accept them, chat for a minute, then casually delete and they probably won’t even notice. I actually have a good friend now that I deleted twice. I was afraid they would annoy me but I turned out really liking them. 🙂

    I will go to the doc- I just feel like I have to have all my ducks in a row so I can make sure they don’t just blow me off and make me feel like they usually do- I’m fine and crazy. Bastards.

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