an improper christmaskah solstice miracle.

I’m aware there are millions of people around the world that don’t spend the entire month of December (and possibly half of November) obsessing over Christmas.  I’m not one of those people, but I get it.  Whether it be for differing religious purposes or a commitment not to materialize a sacred holiday or whatever, I get it.  That’s why I’m calling the winter holidays “Christmaskah Solstice Holiday.”  I figure I cover at least two of the millions of other beliefs/practices.

We happen to be of the group that believe in the baby Jesus in a manger and all that jazz, so Christmas is a big deal for that.  And Christmas is a big deal to my kids for a chance to ask Santa for godawful amounts of gifts of the “are you freaking kidding me” variety.  Every year we try to keep it to a minimum, but there have been years when *someone* in this house went a little too nuts.  (I’m just going to say it might have been me, but I wouldn’t count on me ever admitting that to the other person that pays the bills in this house.  So, whatever.)

My sweet little family of four has had every variety of Christmas.  We’ve had the “holy shit how much money did we spend on this freaking holiday?” years, but mostly we’ve had the “pretty tight budget and reasonable” years (which were obviously not by my choice.)  The first year after the local mortgage and real estate market crashed in our area (which was where we made our income,) we had the “holy shit how are we even going to afford milk this week” Christmas.  That was, by far, one of the hardest years of my life.

Jordan was a baby.  There was no work at all for Jim, much less a paycheck that would cover the bills.  For me, it was basically hell on earth where I sunk into such a craptastic depression I don’t even remember being alive.  Once it was over, I swore I’d beg, borrow and steal before I repeated that again in my life.  (Totally stupid thing to swear in hindsight, but nonetheless, I swore it.)

It sucks to be poor, but it really sucks to be poor at the magical time of Christmaskah.  Every year that we’ve been back on our feet, I’ve tried to make sure our hearts are open at Christmas.  There may not always be a ton of extra cash for us to donate or share with those less fortunate, but we find a way to give what we can – welcoming those who are alone or away from family into our home, making Christmas cookies with children who have no food much less the extravagance of sprinkles, playing Santa for kids who wouldn’t be able to see a mall Santa ever (Jim, not me.  My tummy isn’t THAT jolly. Well, actually this year, my tummy is totally that jolly.)  You get the idea, we try.

This year, since I have somewhat of a place to do so, I’m organizing the First Annual Improper Christmaskah Solstice Miracle. There are thousands upon thousands of families across our country that don’t have enough.  Everyone from the homeless, to the recently unemployed, to the just plain down on their luck families will struggle to make something special happen this season.  For some, special will mean getting a hot meal and new pair of gloves, or being able to buy their kids one gift to put under the tree someone at the Salvation Army loaned to them (yes, there really are those programs.)  For others it may be having the ability to pay their electric bill and possibly squeeze out a gift or two for their babes.   There are various levels of need, and so few resources to provide.

I happen to know a great family that has had a tough year.  I know it will take a Christmaskah Solstice Miracle to keep their electricity on, gas in their car to make it to work and possibly provide a couple of gifts for their kids.  I’m hoping my Improper Friends can make this possible, this year and hopefully for years to come.  I’m hoping we can start something seriously awesome!

Here’s a useless little factoid: if I charged ten cents for every time someone clicked onto my blog, I’d make about $800 a month.  I know, in this day and age, that isn’t much, but it sure as hell would pay to keep some electricity on!  There are some bloggers who charge their readers a “subscription” fee.  I don’t know who the hell they are but I’ve heard of them.  I think they’re BRILLIANT. 😉  I sure as hell can’t do that.  I’d be here talking to myself.  So, here’s what I’m asking for payment of the super fantastic privilege of reading my blog ad free and without a bullshit subscription fee (which I hope you know I would never do- but baby jeebus bless those who do.)

Take this one day this year to donate and help make a family’s Christmas freaking awesome.  Pay for their lights/heat to stay on (as well as other personal details I won’t share) and for the kids to get some trinkets under the tree.  And, if there’s enough, we’ll make more than one family’s year (by taking part in an official “adopt a family” program.)   I know there are programs that take care of these kinds of things.  But I’m starting this “program”.  Right now.

All you have to do is click on the “donate” button below.  This will take you to PayPal and the account I’ve set up called “Improper Christmas” (Because I didn’t have enough room to call it Improper Christmaskah Solstice Miracle.”)  As long as you’re paying with a credit/debit card you don’t even have to be a PayPal member to donate and it takes no more than 5 minutes.  Because I know this family’s circumstances personally, I can tell you that every single cent will help.   Please don’t skip this opportunity because you only have a buck to spare.  We all know that every little bit helps in these situations.

And, as if knowing you gave a family their very own miracle isn’t enough, my gift back to you is a very special and exclusive Improper Holiday Recap which will be available sometime after my holiday hangover subsides.  I know you guys don’t want to miss the recap of this dysfunctional family’s holiday season complete with the Improper Family Christmas card, way too awesome to send to family! 🙂  **Update: Visit this post to see some of the UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING card ideas we have going!  All I’m gonna say is “assless chaps.”

***Update: Those who heard of the “regretsy” fundraiser and are concerned your funds will not be released by PayPal, rest assured PayPal has rectified the situation and assures fundraisers our funds will be released.***


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