internetz be crazy, yo

A woman of my vast social status (read: unemployed) with no kids at home needs entertainment.  I generally turn to the internet, specifically social media, because daytime TV seriously sucks balls.  I feel like you already know this about me, I’m obviously on the internet all the freaking time.

The past couple of days, the internet has given me high blood pressure and IBS.  It all started yesterday when I awoke to see the freaking Regretsy spectacle all over my usual sites.   Ordinarily, this wouldn’t bother me, but Monday night I spent hours trying to write the most “real” and “whorish” attempt to raise a little cash for a family that’s underfunded for Christmas.

I have heard of regretsy and quite a few others that are taking donations via their blog to help families for the holidays.  I know of some people that could benefit, and even though I know my blog is a tiny little shit house blog compared to those sites, I also know my friends are freaking awesome and we might be able to raise a few bucks to help out.  Or at the very least, I can raise enough cash for a bottle of vodka to help ease the pain of failing to help anyone at all.  Whatever.  So when I saw that regretsy was in a shit storm due to PayPal being doucebags, I just took the blog down and called it a day.

I have to admit, the response in the whole hour the post was up wasn’t overwhelmingly positive anyway, so it just gave me a good excuse to “avoid failure” and lick my wounds.  Then, the more I read about PayPal and what they were up to, the more pissy I got about it.  They are the leaders in secure money transferring on the whole damn internet and not two people in the entire company seem to even be able to agree on what their policy is for donations or who can use them.   Bad form, PayPal, bad form.  But, you’re the best we’ve got so rest assured, you’ll stay on top and I’ll end up using you anyway.

So, to all of you that tried to read yesterday’s blog and were denied access, I apologize.  I was so mesmerized by the whole thing going down yesterday, as well as distracted by my kids feeling pukey and their incessant need of attention, I forgot to take down the links and plugs to check it out.  At any rate, that post is back up.  And while I’m feeling like everyone in the free world is going to be hosting fake “fundraisers” today in order to support their beer habit, the post and the donate button is here.  Do with it what you will.  Whether PayPal likes it or not, their policies actually support people taking random donations and my button will stay  up.  It’s up to you if you want to click on it or not.  I assure you, they are required to give me the money so I can buy that vodka. (KIDDING!)


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