using my evil for good.

Ever have those days where you get half way through the morning and start bawling for no reason? Then you decide you’ve finally lost your last marble and start googling “nut houses” and packing your suitcase? That was this morning for me.

I posted something of the sort on FB and got this from a friend I only know on the internet but would totally consider sister-wifing.

This is probably the equivalent of a three hour conversation between most women, those who are skilled in the art of fluffly conversation and dabbing their tearful eyes with silk hankies. For those of us perfectly dysfunctionally awesome women which avoid hugs and tears, this is really what it takes to get through a rough day (especially if there’s vodka handy.)

Our conversation continued along the warm and fuzzies because this friend, who cared enough to check on my crazy ass, happens to be sitting in the hospital with her family as her hubby’s dad battles some seriously jacked up cancer. Today, is not a good day for him.

As any good friend would, I try to say some nice and encouraging things.
“It’s good you’re all there.” “He’s a fighter.” I don’t know- idiotic things you try to come up with when people are in pain and you don’t know what to freaking say. It all sounds like “WaaWa WaaWA. Wa Wa WA WAaa…” It’s pointless. So I tell her I’m sorry, I suck at this shit. Ima just shut up now.

And she sends me this:

(I hate that I wrote “fill” the need instead of “feel” the need and I’m too lazy to photoshop it away. I hate looking like I don’t know proper grammar. PSH. Right.)

I told her to write it. She said she couldn’t because she’s too busy watching someone die. Whatever. Priorities.

Sending all my good juju to a kick-ass man named Don and his family.

UPDATE: (Because I’m full of myself and totally fond of the updates lately.) Charity’s response to this was “You spelled my name wrong you illiterate bitch.” To which I replied, “I spelled it the way it would sound if my Arkansas Grammy would say it, you elitist bitch.” Because I like to think of everything the way my Grammy would say it.


16 thoughts on “using my evil for good.

  1. I simply love it…I’m rolling in tears. Maybe it’s wrong…but I’m totally on your side. It all started with tears of depression, anxiety, over-whelming-family-christmas-spirit-that-I-just-can’t-feel-this-year pain or whatever…and ended with tears of laughter!! Thank you for that!!

    • Can you believe that? So freaking funny.
      The truth is I had it in right, and then when I was going to take the screen shot of it I decided to delete her last name and effed it all up. I’m leaving it Chairty forever. It will be so special. 😉

    • That’s so true. Although, I’m finding the more comfortable I am with that part of myself, the more I attract that type of friend. All the refined and otherwise prim and proper types want nothing to do with me. 🙂

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