excuse me, does anyone know where i left my sanity?

This time of year my brain shuts down and I just sort of wander around aimlessly and ramble and put things in random places in the house and just waste space in general.  It always takes me a good week to recover from the holiday season.  I call it my holiday hangover.  You have it too, admit it.

Last night Jimmie told me something that didn’t quite sit right, but I couldn’t totally put my finger on it.  I blame my holiday hangover for making me a little slow on the uptake, because tonight I finally realized what it was.  Are you ready for this?

“We need to work with the kids on dealing with their own crap.  They lean on you for everything.  They don’t even try to find their own shoes.”


Excuse me, dear dad.  I think they get that awesome quality from you.  This is coming from the guy that asks me where to find something on the average of 14 times per day.  This is also the guy that can never find his car keys or his wallet for that matter.  And what does he do when this occurs?  “BABE?!  Have you seen my insert asinine and mundane item here that I use every stinking day?”  Then babe proceeds to go to the place where said item is supposed to be and lifts one item that is laying on top of it (if that) and gives it to the moron that can’t seem to do this simple task.

And so now I am supposed to “get on top” of the kids doing that so they don’t turn into their dad.  Again I say, BAHAHAHAHA.  I give up.

Happy Holiday Hangover, kids.  Hope you enjoyed the heck out of your family this season.  By the way, does anyone know when school starts back up?  I need a break.


7 thoughts on “excuse me, does anyone know where i left my sanity?

  1. I am not even fucking kidding you when I say my husband does that shit, too. Then he’ll ‘look’ for it, but move nothing around because, “Why would I lift that lid in the cabinet to search for hte other missing lid? It shouldn’t be hidden.”


    • I haven’t found one yet.
      Usually I lay around and veg for about three days and then attempt to clean out a closet or two and veg some more. It’s a weird combo and doesn’t work.

      So this year I am still getting a little extra sleep, farming the kids out whenever I can for some peace and quiet and watching 80s teen romance/angst movies that I forgot ever existed. So far I’ve gone through Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (purely mindless and not as good as I remembered,) Fire with Fire (that Craig Sheffer was SO hot but now? notsomuch.) St. Elmo’s Fire (because more Craig!) and sometime today it will be Flashdance. I can’t stop myself.

      Let me know if you find a cure. I desperately need one. 🙂

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