are you sure you want to be here?

So, the past few days I’ve really changed things up around here as far as topics go.  It must be all my fantastic New Year Goals coming into play.  Yep, I am reaaaaly making good on all my goals, especially the eating healthier ones and the being more productive and exercising regularly.  I am totes knocking those out of the park!  (but, ummmm….could you call before you come over? because Christmas is still alive and kicking in my house what with the tree AND STOCKINGS still proudly displayed.  And pay no attention to that empty jar of marshmallow cream in the bottom drawer of my night stand.  WHAT? I’m OVULATING?!)

What was I talking about? Ohhh Right.  New Friends!  So the past few days, what with all my new subject matter, I’ve had lots of new subscribers to the blog.  Most people would be super excited and grateful for new traffic (which I am.)  I love new friends.  But, I’m also a little concerned and possibly intimidated.

You see, one such new friend writes a faith-based blog.  It seems very successful and full of enriching information if you’re into that sort of thing.  But, uhhhh…they are reading THIS blog.  Now, we’ve established, I’m a lover of the Jesus.  He has my heart.  But have you read this blog?  I’ve been accused of corrupting a gay man that lives in UTAH who happens to love boobs ( I know, I’m confused too.)  I tried to force my husband to wear assless chaps for our family Christmas Card Photo.  I have a friend who regularly says “Christ on a Crouton.”  I’m not even sure what that means.  I just didn’t expect to be followed by someone who writes things like “Walking with Jesus Requires Good Shoes.”  Are we talking Nike’s here?  My running shoes are Adidas and I only really ever jazzercise in them.  Nevertheless, welcome.  And sweet baby Jesus I hope I don’t offend you too badly.

Also, my posts regarding my menu plan and the recipes you asked for, has a huge handful of new followers landing here.  Followers who happen to write super yummy looking Foodie Blogs all over the interwebz.  Okay Betty Crockers.  I get it.  I know I’m a kick-ass cook in the kitchen.  My husband and I weigh about a ton to prove it.  But, in six years of blogging, I have only posted a recipe once- yesterday.  You guys are going to be so disappointed!  There are (according to the goog) upwards of 2000 food blogs out there.  And, I think that was written before The Pioneer Woman came into play.  I bet there’s 5000 easy.  Are you sure you want to be here?  I mean, I’m not complaining.  I’m not!  But I may not post another recipe for another six years.  (ok, that’s already a lie because I owe some people two more recipes.  Later?  Today.  I hope.)

I haven’t been this nervous since the diaper sewing divas became regular followers of the blog.  Why would ladies who sew diapers make me nervous?  Because I refused to breast feed my second born based on the HORRORS of my first born and there’s a landfill somewhere chucked full of my babes’ shitty diapers.  That’s Why.

Nevertheless, I’m happy making new pals for the blog (and for me.  because I’m lonely and live in the dreariest city in the world.)  I just hope you won’t be too disappointed when I write more about how much my husband and kids drive me batshit crazy and less about food and the baby Jesus (or the adult Jesus for that matter.)

Okay, I’m done chasing off all the newbies.  Carry on.


15 thoughts on “are you sure you want to be here?

  1. Listen sweet cheeks, I was corrupted LONG before I stumbled into your sphere. Incidentally, did I ever tell you how that happened? I had tagged a post “bat shit crazy” and WP suggested I check you out since you had that tag. A lot. How precious is it that your bat shit crazy and my bat shit crazy (although in all fairness, my tag was talking about Sally my crazy neighbor who accosted me on the street dressed like a nun…you seriously cannot make this shit up!) brought us together.

    And, Col really wants us to plan a trip to SEA so we can meet up. But he says he’s not getting into your pocket. Unless you give him whiskey.

    • That’s the best story of a happy union I’ve ever heard. Funny enough, my bat shit crazy started out by describing my neighbor too. Then I realized it was a better description for me.
      YES! A trip. Dude, I have Whiskey! Col is SO going in my pocket. I have a tear I’m so excited. And I feel giddy. And here we are full circle, back to the bat shit crazy.

      • Oh, and I forgot to make the point I was intending to make. People can click the unfollow button just as easily as the follow. So, don’t be skeered. And, don’t censor. Everyone has a choice as to what they are open or closed to, and it’s not your job to cater. Well…unless you agree to cook food for an event or something…then I guess technically it would be your job to cater. But, I digress.

  2. I’m one of the noobs around these parts. My job has periods of breakneck projects, and then incredibly slow weeks where I find new bloggers and, if I like what I see, read all of their archives and throw them on my google reader feed. I’m totally here because I want to be. Go ahead, I dare you to try to scare me away with your batshit crazy. I was MARRIED to batshit crazy for 10 years. Yours seems to be the kind that goes along well with my own, makes me smile, and occasionally makes me go “so I’m not the ONLY one…”
    Please don’t let me freak you out (I subscribed last week), and carry on as normal. 🙂

  3. I have also heard it stands for “holy.” But I consulted Urban Dictionary, because everyone that defines things there is totally brilliant. Here’s what they said, which is just as equally brilliant as anything else I’ve ever found on UD. And even more inappropriate and sacrilegious than most things. Amen.

    name; Jesus Henry Christ. The illegitimate son of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene and the grandson of god. Today used as an expression of amazement or excitement which has carried over from his lifetime. When Mary would introduce him as Jesus H Christ, people would reapeat it in disbelief.
    Mary: Hey luke, have you met my son, and the grandson of god, Jesus H Christ?
    Luke: Jesus H Christ! Praise your Grandpa! Are you here to die for our sins like your old man? Hey what does the H stand for?
    Jesus H Christ: Henry
    Luke: Jesus H Christ! Turn some water to wine! Let’s party!
    Jesus H Christ: hallelujah! Your prayers have been heard! Bring out the water!

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