a little red here and a lot of red there.

You may have noticed a little change here on the ol’ blogeroo. I decided that as much as I loved the old one, I missed my red. I’m a red kind of gal. I like to see a little spice in the action when I click on here to read your comments. I can’t for the life of me figure out where my header photo went or how to get it back. I know you guys will miss my beady little eyes staring at you.)

Also, this post is riddled with links. You should click on every single one of them because they are all awesome. And I’ll probably win an award for the most freaking links in one post.

None of this has anything to do with what I’m writing today. So, moving on…

I found this on Pinterest and can't find where they discovered it. I would give a proper photo credit if I could darnit!

A lot of you have probably heard something about The Bloggess and her Traveling Red Dress before. If not, there’s a little article on the Washington Post site that describes it, and here’s a snippit of the idea in a nutshell as written in the article.

Lawson suggested that readers who suffer from emotional pain or who want to support those who do sign on to the “traveling red dress” project she created last year. Her idea was to pass around a red dress that women could wear to remind themselves of their power, to wear at a time when they feel particularly high — or low.

You may know I’m a huge fan of the bloggess. She cracks me up and sometimes she reminds me to get my shit together. I always love reading her.

When a recent post on the bloggess’ site stirred up the Red Dress Project afresh the other night, I really started thinking I need to do this. Then my friend Charity (you know the one that I send all the inappropriately awesome texts back and forth with) started talking about how she’s going to do it. So I figure this might be something I should stop putting on the back burner and get my shit together on it. But, it’s going to take a tiny bit more than me finding the amazingly perfect red dress and photographer. I’m giving myself till the spring thaw to get it done so that I may then take my very own Red Dress photos and know that it’s because I accomplished what I set out to do. I don’t know if the bloggess would approve, but dammit…I don’t care. (SHHHH. don’t tell her I said that.)

Here’s what I’m challenging myself with:

1) Go to the doctor. The real one that pokes needles in my arm, not the witch doctor (as my family lovingly calls him) at the homeopathic supply joint. Now, I realize I don’t love doctors and certainly don’t trust them, but I have to get my labs done and it’s kind of a “force yourself to get serious about this” move on my part. I’m not allowed to put it off anymore or reschedule or whathaveyou. Today I call and make an appointment at a new doc and if all goes as it always does, I’ll be seeing them in a couple of weeks. (Please don’t lecture me about how many times I’ve put this off, those of you who know. I promise to be good. I PROMISE! :))

2) What does going to the doc have to do with a dress? Well, I know for sure there are some wonky hormone and other issues that I need to get on top of. Some of those things don’t do me any favors in the mental health department. While depression has been an ongoing struggle for many years, I know part of that (at the very least) stems from other health issues and I can’t help one without the other. So, healthy body helps make for a healthy mind. Hopefully.

3) When I’m well on my way to taking the steps to make my body/mind healthy, I will schedule a little visit with my favorite photographers, Daniel Jay, and trek across the state for a little photo shoot to celebrate my baby steps to mental health. If they are not willing to shoot this for me I will tie them up and torture them until minds are changed. It’s really the only option. And there is, of course, a matter of finding the perfect red dress. So far, all the dresses I love are in the ballpark of “red carpet” pricing so you know, reality might come in handy here.

You may not give two shits about this, but I had to get it out there for myself today. So carry on, friend. Carry on.


6 thoughts on “a little red here and a lot of red there.

  1. Ok, so I liked the post title, and was excited to see the new look. But, then I saw something about Bloggess and a dress, and I just skipped down to comment. Just so you know I love ya more than my luggage. Even if you lost me at “red dress.”

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