i need a sewing machine

There was a brief time in my childhood that my mom was a stay at homer.  I think I was around 10-12 years old.  During that time, I remember her coming up with all sorts of DIY shit around the house.  Funny, during that time is also when I learned that most housework can be accomplished in around an hour and a half and you can spend the rest of the day doing whatever the hell you want.  Looking back, I can also see that maybe I inherited my tendency toward depression from my mother and she had a hot temper.  Awesome.  I’m not sure either of us was cut out to be purely stay at homers.  I digress… (as usual)

Anyway, now that I’m {trapped} at home I have all sorts of ideas for crazy DIY projects around the house.  We all need new beds so I scour the internet looking at all these fancy pants projects for crafting amazing bed frames from unused pallets and twigs from the back yard.  Then I think, well then we’ll need new linens and curtains and throw pillows and adorable little home crafted nick-nacks and lovelies to make this place look like Martha Stewart and that Nate guy from Oprah made a love child and it is my bedroom.

And then I remember that the only reason I even have all the time to be thinking about this ridiculous crap is because I’m jobless which also means I’m without tons of expendable income to use on things like reclaimed barn wood and a table saw.

What the heck is even my point to all this?  I don’t know.

I recently decided to broaden my job search from part time that will enable me to be at home and still be a mother and decent wife to full time (because I can’t find any damn thing for part time unless it’s a Walmart greeter and I’m just not there yet.  I mean, I still have a few teeth left in my mouth.)   So in making this decision and applying for these jobs it opens up a whole new can of beans.

#1 Who will watch my kids in the summer.   We can juggle schedules enough that they won’t be unattended after school.  But what in the heck happens in the summer time? They go back to daycare? Elle would absolutely kill me if she had to go to daycare all summer long.  And Jordan would be killed.

#2 All that extra cash would be great from a full-time job, except then when in the hell would we even have time to spend it?  The whole point in me going to work is to have fun money for things like little trips and camping and, you know, eating dinner at a restaurant and not feeling guilty about it.  But who has time for that crap when you’re working 45 hours a week?

#3 I can’t even get a callback on a decent job in the first place so why am I even worrying about this crap?

And to think, this whole thought process started with me thinking, “I need a sewing machine.”

I know you guys are glad I’m back to writing.  Don’t I just make you feel so warm and fuzzy inside? So full of happy, sparkly rainbows.



5 thoughts on “i need a sewing machine

  1. I’ve also been able to pick up some amazing stuff (and get rid of a lot of stuff) through Freecycle. You should google and see if there’s a chapter in your area. It’s a lot like Craigslist, but everything is free and you can also post reasonable requests. I got an almost new queen-size bed that was used as a guest bed before the previous owner downsized.

  2. You can have my sewing machine! I bought one because I wanted to prove to my husband that I can, actually, sew. He laughed, I hemmed his pants, he laughed again, showed the pants to my mom, they laughed, and now my sewing machine sits in the closet.

    As for cheap stuff – definitely try craigslist, ebay and sadly the penny saver

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