mermaid toes.

I popped online to say happy birthday to some people via facebook, because, let’s face it, without facebook…I am that one friend that never remembers anyone’s damn birthday.  In going on eleven years of togetherness with Jimmie, I have never, not even once, remembered our anniversary.  So, don’t feel bad people.  I don’t remember shit.

ANYway.  When I get online, four tabs open. Facebook (which I have grown to hate with a passion as of late.) WordPress (my blog’s host or whatever.) Gmail. and Pinterest.  It’s really the little things in life that keep me entertained.

Pinterest had this to show me:

People.  I need to know who has time for this kind of crap?!  I’m positive that even if I didn’t have a husband or children or a house to keep clean or a blog to ignore, I still wouldn’t have time for multi-colors of shellac and glitter and sparkles and trinkets to be applied to my feet.  That shit cray!

Carry on…

(If you are the kind of person that thinks mermaid toes are the shiznit and want to create your own, you can just visit this website. It is WOW. Unbelievable.)


3 thoughts on “mermaid toes.

  1. Pinterest facebook and twitter are conspiring to kill me, by making the piles of laundry so tall that they smother me. The mermaid toes are nifty, but maybe for the day I can pay someone else to do it

    • I have cycles. I totally OD on those for a while then I get burned out and avoid it all like crazy for a couple of months. I am currently on a burnout. I think the hot weather keeps me busy. Winter time- I am pretty much glued to my laptop.

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